What trends In HR Will Govern 2016?

I am hosting the current HR Carnival and for the theme, thought that came to my mind was on the HR trends that will govern 2016. I got some interesting posts for you today. David Richter, on his blog shared the "6 HR Software Trends You’ll See In 2016". He outlines what he has noticed in the HR software industry over the past 12 months and gives some thought as to what he think is likely to happen in the future.  Stuart ... Read More

How to Make Employees So Happy They’ll Call to Thank You?

​Sounds crazy?​Too good to be true? Isn't it?​In a world where people fail to acknowledge, getting a call to thank you on the first instance will definitely sound surprising. But ever thought why your efforts are not creating the "wow" effect in the mind of your employees?​Why people take you for granted? How does some organizations has this uncanny ability to keep their employees so happy while pushing them to their ... Read More

Top 10 Issues Faced by the Human Resource Department

HR Challenges

What’s troubling you in HR? What are the problems faced by your HR department in the current scenario? Anything new about the challenges you are facing today? Whether it's a specific problem or a list of problems? What are your 10 toughest issues in HR? Any concern keeping you awake all night? ​ I want to know. This is what I asked from the top HR professionals and fellow HR bloggers for my recent HR carnival Theme which I am hosting today. ... Read More

Jobs in HR – Little-Known Factors That Could Affect Your Next HR Job

jobs in hr secrets

​ ​If you’re feeling you CAN'T win BIG in your current role, either RESOLVE to step up your performance TODAY or move into a new HR role elsewhere. NOT TOMORROW. NOW. Alan Collins Writer, Blogger Do you want to discover how to make your HR job Hunting more effective? Do you want to know the 5 ways in making your resume stand out from the rest and speak blatantly about you? ​While looking out for jobs in the HR Department, one of ... Read More

How Can You Create A Revolution In Your Own HR Career?

​I was planning to pen down my thoughts around this subject from quite sometime, but eventually I was not able to get the right title for this post. I was thinking of using "CHANGE" or "DIFFERENCE" instead of using a rather bold word like "REVOLUTION" in the title. ​A mail from our very own Shauna Griffis (aka HR Minion) asking for contributions for the next carnival gave me this ROCK solid word "Revolution". Now my friend Ben Eubanks ... Read More

HR Home Truths Busted – Get To Know The Real HR

  I simply love the HR carnivals and always try to contribute whenever possible. So this time when I came to know that the fun loving Dwane from  Dovetail Software blog was going to host it, I knew this would going to be a different one.  He is looking for posts that talk about the truths you have learned in your time in HR. As we all know, it doesn't take long to learn some really "interesting" things when you work in HR so I fully ... Read More