How Can You Create A Revolution In Your Own HR Career?

​I was planning to pen down my thoughts around this subject from quite sometime, but eventually I was not able to get the right title for this post. I was thinking of using "CHANGE" or "DIFFERENCE" instead of using a rather bold word like "REVOLUTION" in the title. ​A mail from our very own Shauna Griffis (aka HR Minion) asking for contributions for the next carnival gave me this ROCK solid word "Revolution". Now my friend Ben Eubanks ... Read More

Do You Require Life Skills For Personal and Professional Life?

The October 23rd HR carnival is being hosted by our first time host Ciprian Bortos at the eSkill Blog! Now, Ciprian doesn't have a specific theme, but he was looking for posts that were specific to HR professionals, and not candidates. As I was not able to make up my mind on a relevant post for the upcoming carnival so I thought let me not share anything this time. Had I not got an opportunity to attend this two day workshop on "Managerial ... Read More

Job Description of a Karaoke Artiste

I have this inherent habit of daily reading the newspaper and get restless if by any chance I am not able to do it any day. I feel it is one of my best practices so far as it helps me relate to the world, know what is happening in the society and what are the new trends emerging in the market. Further, it also helps me generate fresh and new ideas for my posts on this blog. So without taking much of your time, let me share what I have for you ... Read More