“How Human Resource management concepts and techniques can be of use to all managers.”?

Conduct a discussion on the discussion board on the topic of, “How Human Resource management concepts and techniques can be of use to all managers.” This is done via posting engaging in dialogue with each other.

Next, review and analyze the discussion board postings. Post your own summary of key concepts discussed (one paragraph) and a second paragraph on five specific ways in which you feel these concepts are useful. Remember to include ways in which implementation and usage could have important consequences for an organization.

Amit Bhagria
This Aint Your Daddy’s HR Do I have your attention? Good, because we are in the mist of an HR revolution. It’s either join up, or be left in the dust. What do I mean by this? Well, gone are the days of Human Resources representing the company’s interests solely. The new age HR Manager is an inclusive individual, serving the collective needs of both employer and employee. In the new “collaborative” workplace, an HR Manager wears many more hats than in years past. It can be debated as to whether this is a result of a disgruntled workforce staging a collective mutiny, or the evolution of HR professionals. Either way, the time has come. Join me on the other side. Subscribe to my Newsletter to get updates from the world of Human Resource Management.
Amit Bhagria
Amit Bhagria
Amit Bhagria

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Amit Bhagria
  • hatingmsn

    I have always felt that if you put administration or human resources in front of a person then they turn out to be human bum-heads.

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    I love it when people think that somebody is going to write up a big essay for them.
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    You are supposed to post ENGAGING DIALOGUE not cut and paste your assignment.

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