Human Resource Planning – How Does It Affect The Organizational Success

Unlike a few years ago are today’s organizations in the economy under severe stress by umpredictable, turbulent and competitive. When companies make the ever-growing competition, then they are clearly effectively manage the grid resources. Managing resources must be made with caution. Managing the human side of organization is very important that the success of a company depends on its employees. In other words, the management of work in an organization is indeed no easy task, because people basically have different feelings, thoughts, desires and needs. However, if it effectively to the management of human resources, it is more important to plan how to use humen resource to get the most out of the workforce, while fulfillling their needs. This is where planning of human resources between thsu measures taking into account both the orgainzation and employees.

Human Resource Planning is the process by which management ensures that the right number of people with those skills at the right time are available to help correct position for the company to achieve its goals. In other words, is staffing a quest in advance how many workers are required to perform the tasks, the number of employees with the necessary skills are avilable inside and outside the organization and how it is possible to fill the staffing needs of the company, if necessary. Human resource planning is not new. It has been applied by many organizations in the past in order, is that the right person do the job correctly at the right time practicing. However, in the past, the nature of human resource planning has been practiced by many organizations, a little different than it is today. In fact, the environmental conditions in the old times were stable and secure, and therefore the personnel was mainly due to the short-term demand for employment.

But now, growing with the growth of ecological stability, technological change and competition, has the nature of human resource planning last focus is on both short-term work and long term needs of organizations. In other words, they come not only in terms of staffing for the current situation, but also for many years. If not, then organizations that are not for the future were not many opportunities to survive growing competition.

However, for human resources effcetively, human resource planners are crucial to give the needs of the labor organizations first and then proceed with a plan that directs how to meet those needs. In another respect, if the human resource planners have the exact number of people with the skills made available to perform tasks at the right time, then obviously they gather information came with the objectives and decisions.

When it comes to the planning of human resources, there are three key areas that will be addressed by human resource planners need. These include the discovery of labor demand, an analysis of demand and balance supply and demand of labor in the organization. If we already see on each of the major areas in detail, especially the staff planning starts with understanding the business strategy and objectives of the organization. In a different way to get where they decide how many employees are required to skiils, right, then he knows where the organization is headed to. With nothing about where the company wants to go and how they want to achieve their business strategies, it is unnecessary to engage in the plans for the employees. As the number and type of staff needed depends on the substance of what the organization wants to achieve. Only when they look at the strategies and objectives of the organization, they are able to predict demand for labor required by the organization, both short and long term.

The human resource planners have the knowledge of how many employees are needed in the organization with the necessary skiils, click Next thing they do is count the current staffing levels of the organization. In other words, an inventory of courses, to know how many employees are currently available in the organization and the skills and knowledge of staff Inaddition their profile events such as age, gender, and where so theycome provides essentially the Personal Planner an overview of the types of skills available immediately, which will help them decide, what should be done later, once again.

Taking into account the stock of available labor immediately, then they begin to the domestic supply of labor available and the anticipated labor shortage, both short term and long term analysis is necessary to achieve the goals and strategies of the organization. They compare the numbers to see whether Deman workers could be immediately taken over by the available manpower. In other words, if there is a gap between supply and demand for labor. Then of course if we happen to mean a gap between supply and demand for labor that is either a shortage or a surplus of labor.

However, if it happens to be a surplus or a shortage of workers and the supply of human resource planners to develop strategies to eliminate this gap. If there is a surplus of meaning to say that the domestic supply of available workers is higher than expected demand, they will probably take the cation to the number available uisng reducing strategies such as retirement, to reduce the hours and hours before flexi etc. But if it happened to develop a shortage of labor supply, then strategies such as increased recruitment, with time to workers temperary, increse increase flexi hours so the short term. But when it comes to long-term planning, they focus mainly on strategies, such as training and development, promotion and development programs, career, etc., to the existing workforce for the preparation of future demand for the organization. At the end of the staffing concerns and the pursuit of the strategies they need to be implemented if necessary FindOut demende work were met.

Finally, you have to say that the staffing plan for each enterprise is crucial, whether small or large. Indeed, it affects the entire organization through the preparation of its employees to achieve their goals. If organizations challenges in the future, it is naturally in the human resource, which paves the way for the organization of its employees to use effectively and efficiently. If not for the personnel, will be a loan company to compete on prices. Therefore, one should say that orgainzations competitors amaong survival depends mainly on how the bodies of human resources planning.

Shameen Silva Bachelor of Hospitality Management (Australia), MBA (UK) E-mail: shameena_silva @ yahoo. co. uk

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Amit Bhagria
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