Get Up And Work Towards Their Improvement

To avoid negative behavior of employees in an organization, HR Manager must understand why they end up performing low in an organization. One needs clear cut strategy and methods to manage this kind of behavior.

Some people can manage stress on account of work pressures, time lines and demands in professional and personal life better as compared to others. However, there are certain people who give up and fail to handle such kind of situations. This ultimately results in loosing interest in job and blaming employer for their failure.

employee management in organization

By medium performers I mean that these are those kinds of employees who are neither rewarded by the employer nor can they be laid off from the organization. They have lost the vigor and excitement to perform their duties well hence this results in delayed career growth and new developments for them.

Low Performance

Many people believe that often low performers affect the performance of others who interact or get influenced by them. As all people are working in the same environment avoiding such kind of negative impact will be problematic for others and for the organization to deal as a whole. It is advisable to make such employees feel secluded from the rest which will force them to change their behavior.

Following is the list of activities a deadbeat employee does:

  • Spreads negativity about the organization and its environment.
  •  Discusses and talks to co-workers during breaks on the negative side of the organization.
  • Creates an environment of discomfort against company policies and procedures.

Handling such kind of employees is a challenge for any present day organization as this behavior tends to disrupt the healthy environment of the company.

Building Understanding Of An Employee

Organizations need to figure out why there is such kind of behavioral change amongst employees. People tend to get disappointed when they find that things are not turning well for them and that there is nothing great happening for them anywhere.

As an HR Manager you will face difficulty in handling and understanding what has gone wrong with your people. The only reason for this is that people will not openly share with you or take ownership for any shortfalls in their work.

The employers are made victims because of the following:

  • Delay in recognizing a panic master who in turn starts to disturb the organizational environment.

Check out the following methods by which you can deal with such problems:

Work towards reducing communication gap by discussions.

Create an open environment culture with employees. Talking to the point will alarm the employee to a greater extent. This will eventually result in getting relevant information from the employee and his issues are addressed before getting spread like a virus. If the employee gets confident that the organization or the HR professional will work towards solving his concerns, he would definitely work towards improving his shortcomings at work.

Recognizing and keeping clear communication to the employee that the negative behavior will not be tolerated in the organization will result in improvements in his job.

Make Goals:

Set goals for employees which are achievable and acceptable and the ways in which they can be conquered. Help the employee to align and change his behavior according to the organization’s mission and appreciate any positive behavior shown by him at workplace. Such small gestures will definitely help in improving employee’s attitude and open a world of opportunities for him.

Go To The Grass Root Level:

Enhance the skills of employees by training and developing them so as to widen their horizon and make them learn the basics of business. People think that they don’t require any training as they are perfect in their job or assignment. However, as an HR Manager one must communicate to them that this will not only hone their skills but will also open future growth opportunities for them.

Do A Timely Review:

After the training program, the HR manager must ensure to evaluate and review the employee’s progress in his job. If the employee is still not performing well he should be alarmed accordingly. Clear cut communication must be made so that the employees are aware that this kind of negative behavior will not be tolerated and can result in any disciplinary action against them.

Bid Him Good bye:

A strict action must be taken against him if he doesn’t change inspite of continuous efforts and help from the HR professional. If things go worse he can also be terminated from his services. In such a scenario, try to avoid any heated arguments and communicate the same to him privately and calmly. Try to be specific in highlighting the major causes which led to such a decision. Clearly tell him that his negative attitude is spoiling the organizational culture and his poor performance is affecting company’s growth. It is seen most of the time that managing such termination is an easy task as these employees are already prepared for the worst.

What Have You Learnt?

The learning or the message that can be sent to other people in the organization from such an episode is obviously two folds, to remain more cautious at the time of hiring any one for the organization and that the culture in the company will never permit any negative behavior to grow.