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Human Resource Planning is that the management determines how an organization should move from the current work – “work in want his position to work.

In this way, management tends to have the right number and the right people at the right place at the right time.

Human Resource Planning is a series of activities:

; Forecasting future demand for labor as a directory of the current in the workforce. In anticipation of the problems of human resources, the projection into the future. Program planning for the necessary requirements, selection, training and education to ensure that the future needs of the workforce are properly implemented.

personnel for one or more of the following reasons needed:

Effective workforce planning is needed for any organization to function effectively. There is a constant need for personnel to replace who had grown old and retired, so that work does not suffer. Human resource planning is important because of the frequent turnover of work, from social and economic factors, such as voluntary departures, weddings, graduations, etc. As the living standards of large quantities of goods, because the necessary human resources is essential. The current staff should be difficult to change technology and production as required. Human resource planning is needed to identify areas of excess personnel or regions where there is a paucity of personnel.

Process Human Resource Planning: p Goals Goals Estimate or determine organizational structure of the future workforce requirements and test methods for human resource demands of the job planning and job development of a staffing

Evaluation the available human resources in the organization: Assessment of human resources in the organization is a milestone for the human resources planning. These employees’ needs, based on assumptions, labor and business strategy. ; Zero Budgeting – The whole operation starts at zero, if the goal of managers on the importance of its work to define. ideal avenue – the decision to discharge, outsourcing, maintenance, production is keeping an eye on the technology, while the assessment of human resources in the organization. realistic judge – on the basis of available information, work will be determined. < p> analysis workloads: This study methodology and analysis, preparing to work on standards for personnel. analysis of the workload is used to the methods and processes for a certain to understand activity. It helps to improve the productivity of a company.

MBA (HR), B. Sc (Bio Tech)

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Amit Bhagria
Amit Bhagria
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