Leveraging The Power of Gratification At Workplace


Why do people shy away from expressing their gratitude at workplace? People are more likely to say “Thank You” to their friends or anyone else however, they will shy away from thanking their colleagues or boss at workplace.

According to a recent research by John Templeton Foundation, it was found that 90% people who are grateful are more fulfilled, have richer and happier life than people who aren’t thankful. Further, bosses who are grateful to their team members are more likely to be successful than other superiors in the organization who seldom thank their subordinates. One should realize the fact that none of us can work in silos and teamwork forms the basis of result oriented and progressive organizations. 

Why is there so much Scarcity of Gratification at Workplace? 


Many people consider gratification a motivating factor. People tend to express gratitude for their friends and families however, they will not show it for their current job. The research showed that only people who are paid well, tend to show gratitude for their jobs. From the study it also came out that 74% of people rarely or never expressed gratitude to their boss while at the same time they expected their bosses to express gratitude to them.


So why gratification is so scarce at workplace. Some of the key reasons that I think can be because of:-


a) Sometimes its more of an attitude issue where one thinks that employees should not be praised for solely doing their jobs. They are being paid to work so there is no need to appreciate them.


b) It is also based on the fact that if I don’t get it then why should I pass it on. Meaning if my boss doesn’t appreciate my work, then why should I appreciate others’s work. Its more of like give and take attitude.


c) Sometimes people have ego and even if they are helped, they would refrain from thanking the person who has helped them.


All said and done still the magical word “Thank You” can do wonders for you. I wrote a post on how this powerful word can help you in your career. Do read it here.


How Can You Enhance The Power of Gratification at Workplace?


1) Train people and help them realize the potential of showing gratitude at workplace. A happy employee will be more productive. People should be taught to reinforce the system of recognition and appreciation as part of their daily job activities.


2) The organization should appreciate and reward the behavior which they want to be replicated by others. In this way an organization can help and develop a culture of gratification amongst its employees. Establishing a rewards and recognition system can help boost this behavior in the employees of the organization.


3) Development of subordinates should be made as one of the KRAs (Key Result Area) for the bosses. They should be able to motivate and develop his team so that they can take higher responsibilities.


4) Communicate internally on how people are helping others by showcasing their stories via internal communication medium (emails, share-point etc)


5) Not just by merely saying “Thank You”, there could be other innovative ways introduced for acknowledging the employees. The organization can encourage team lunches or off sites where people can interact on things beyond the workplace. This can help develop a cohesive culture in an organization.


6) Try and show gratification in front of others. This will benefit in terms of creating a motivating culture plus a person who is recognized in front of other team members feels special.


In short, I would like to re-emphasize the value of gratification as it goes one level above the monetary recognition. Money is one thing however, a pat on the back can be more motivating than a salary hike. Beyond a point one looks for getting appreciated for his/her work by his boss, colleagues and peers.


So utilize the power of GRATIFICATION can make your organization a better and happier place to be :)

Amit Bhagria
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Amit Bhagria
Amit Bhagria
Amit Bhagria


  1. KARAMAT Ali says

    I appreciated your deep study of HR because today is lack of gratification in the organization . Everyone wants that he is top of them without help team members

  2. elsa b layugan says

    I agree with you on your post on gratification. Everyone in the organization should have the attitude of gratitude.

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