Jobs in HR – Little-Known Factors That Could Affect Your Next HR Job

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​ ​If you’re feeling you CAN'T win BIG in your current role, either RESOLVE to step up your performance TODAY or move into a new HR role elsewhere. NOT TOMORROW. NOW. Alan Collins Writer, Blogger Do you want to discover how to make your HR job Hunting more effective? Do you want to know the 5 ways in making your resume stand out from the rest and speak blatantly about you? ​While looking out for jobs in the HR Department, one of ... Read More

How Can You Create A Revolution In Your Own HR Career?

​I was planning to pen down my thoughts around this subject from quite sometime, but eventually I was not able to get the right title for this post. I was thinking of using "CHANGE" or "DIFFERENCE" instead of using a rather bold word like "REVOLUTION" in the title. ​A mail from our very own Shauna Griffis (aka HR Minion) asking for contributions for the next carnival gave me this ROCK solid word "Revolution". Now my friend Ben Eubanks ... Read More

Why It Will be the Year of Mass Exodus?

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This year will definitely be a year of change on the job front. With the economy slowly beginning to recover and people looking for more fulfillments in their careers, companies can expect somewhat of an exodus in the search for new horizons. Not all businesses will bleed people, but the ones that will be most affected are ones that have done a poor job supporting, training, and rewarding their employees. These guys will feel the swift breeze of ... Read More

How to Prepare For The Job Hunting Process?

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This question is frequently been asked by many people who are looking to pursue a career change. I would say that there is no scientific approach wherein you follow steps from 1-2-3 and bang you have the perfect job in your hands. Job search is like a recipe wherein the ‘desired job’ is the final product while your positioning/uniqueness, process, diligence, firmness, presentation & performance, overall personality and pricing act as vital ... Read More