Rewards and Recognitions share the same first letter ‘R’ however have different meaning all together.

As a child I was very quick and apprehensive with respect to my school formalities like collecting donation or some fund for the needy. Whenever such activity was announced I wanted to be the first and the maximum contributor in my entire class. My efforts were not because I was kind hearted and concerned for the people. Well at that time I was too young to understand the realities of life. Then what was the reason behind my generosity?

rewards and recognition programs

I was concerned whenever my teachers deducted any marks from my answer scripts. I used to question them and eat their heads till the time I was not convinced why the marks were deducted. I always wanted to outshine others in my class with highest marks & percentage. What was the real reason behind such a behavior? Was this only for getting recognition and becoming famous?

Now turn the pages of history and close your eyes and peep into your childhood days when you were in school. “Ah! What a lovely time and golden period, but can become more wonderful if I become the class monitor, Wait….Wait….Wait how about becoming the captain of the school” Exactly these thoughts have kept on charming you throughout your school or childhood days. Isn’t it? Do you know why?

All the above questions refer to the fact that ‘Recognition and Rewards’ are the two sides of the same coin. Recognition is an art by virtue of which you acknowledge the efforts of a person to do something exceptional beyond the call of his duty whereas Rewards are a satisfying return, can be in the form of monetary or non monetary gain, of a desired behavior or outcome.

It’s a proven fact that motivated employees are critical to a company’s bottom line. By Recognizing our people’s dedication, commitment and results — we boost their morale, increase productivity, enthusiasm and create powerful motivators.

Rewards can help create the right employee – team environment. An atmosphere that is encouraging and favorable to achieve the contributions and efforts an organization needs.

Don’t let your best people’s efforts go unrecognized or unrewarded.