5 Tips For Dealing With Difficult People At Workplace

When you are working in a company, you have to deal with a lot of people. Now some of them can be handled easily while many of them are difficult to manage. Who can be those difficult people?

He/she can be a Co-worker.


or even your BOSS.

Dealing with difficult people is an ART which can be learnt and mastered over time and experience.

Tackling with such situations is a challenging task and people will APPRECIATE, if you do it well.

But before we get into knowing the solutions, let us understand the D.N.A. of such difficult people.

a) They will speak more and LISTEN less.

b) They will try to OBJECT to every point of yours.

c) They will have POOR hygiene and annoying personal traits.

d) They will try and make NEGATIVE opinions on each and every aspect.

e) They like to FORCE their opinions on others.

f) They FORM groups and spread negativity.

Here are my 5 Best Tips on Dealing with Difficult People. Hope it does help you.

1) How to Hold a Difficult Conversation?

  • When you know that you are going to deal with people who will object or reject your offer, you should be fully prepared before you plan to meet them.
  • You should start with a softer approach and come straight to the topic and not beating around the bush.
  • Always have data in place so that your discussion is supported by valid facts.
  • Try and keep your communication crisp and to the point so that people does not pick on any loose ends in the conversation.

2) How to Deal With a Difficult Boss?

Nothing is more demotivating at the workplace than dealing with a difficult boss. These bosses can affect their subordinate’s engagement levels and even contribution at workplace. People don’t leave organizations, they leave MANAGERS.

  • Patience will be the key in managing a difficult boss.
  • Expectation management also hold importance in managing him. You need to learn to say “NO” otherwise you can be taken for a ride.
  • Set your priorities right and communicate them to your boss so that he may share his views as well.
  • If you communicate a timeline, try completing your work within those timelines. In case there is a deviation, communicate to your boss on the delay before hitting the deadline.

3) How to Deal With Bullies at Workplace?

There are some people with whom you will never like to work. Their mere presence around you will make you feel terrified. They may criticize and even insult you. Let us see on dealing with such individuals?

  • You need to set boundaries on what you will tolerate and what not from such a bully. They need to be continuously communicated about such limitations so that they think twice before talking to you.
  • Learn to communicate through gestures and body language when certain behaviour is unwelcomed at your end.
  • Try and gather proofs against any unwanted behaviour from a bully.
  • Inform your boss and HR manager about the person.

4) How to Deal with Negative People at Workplace?

You get negative vibes from certain people. They lack positivity. They will bad mouth about the company, their peers and even their bosses. They will always be on a spree of finding faults in others.

  • Avoid spending too much time with such people as you may inculcate some negativity within you.
  • Advise them to speak to the HR manager for sharing their feelings and for counselling and that you may not be the RIGHT person for it.
  • Share inspirational stories or motivational messages that can help them to change their negative outlook towards life.

5) How to Manage Office Gossip?

Gossip is part of all the workplaces. Sometimes such gossips are healthy and a tool to chit-chat and a mode of entertainment with other co-workers. These gossips are not harmful till the time they go overboard and starts affecting the reputation of an organization or an individual. How to deal with such situations?

  • Try and check whether certain topics of gossips are constant and may be considered worth to be shared with the senior management.
  • Sometimes there could be very good ideas emerging out of office gossips. Try and seek some improvement points from such discussions and share it with the right body.
  • Try and getting to the truth of the matter and not twisting the tale and complicating the entire situation.

Hope these ideas help you in managing your co-workers effectively. Everyone faces these situations in his/her life.

Were you in a similar situation in the past? How did you came out of it? What were your strategies that you adopted to solve it? Share your views in the comments section below.


  • bimpe says:

    Thanks for this write up. Have always been having issues with my boss.

    Nothing i did seem right. I have tried most of your suggestion, they don’t work for me.
    Most time before i see him, i always prepare in advance, because i know how he think.

    What i notice is that if he realise that u’re well prepare, he’ll look for another way to bring you down. It’s just God that is making me to survive the insult and embarrassment.

  • Hi,

    I think he has some personal discomfort against you. Have you tried speaking to him on this issue? Why does he object your suggestion? In case you tried to speak to him, what were his inputs. Did you tried speaking to one level above him on this issue?

    Look sometimes gap in communication leads to all these problems. The loss in this entire episode is for you as well as the organization as a whole. I think respect and humility are the core of every organization and one must abide by these. Try to take a stand when it comes to you honor.



  • Monica says:

    Thanks for all the information. I am actually having the same issue with my boss. He does not accept any suggestions neither is accepting to motivate the employees which makes my work difficult. The employees have low morale as such output is not the best.

  • Amit Bhagria says:

    This is one of those situations where the boss sometimes fear the smartness of his/her subordinates. He/She has a perception that they might out perform him. You may like to escalate the issue to one level above him….what do you think?

  • >