This Aint Your Daddy’s HR

Do I have your attention? Good, because we are in the mist of an HR revolution. It’s either join up, or be left in the dust.

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What do I mean by this?

Well, gone are the days of Human Resources representing the company’s interests solely. The new age HR Manager is an inclusive individual, serving the collective needs of both employer and employee. In the new “collaborative” workplace, an HR Manager wears many more hats than in years past.

It can be debated as to whether this is a result of a disgruntled workforce staging a collective mutiny, or the evolution of HR professionals.

Either way, the time has come.

Join me on the other side…

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As a HR Manager of a leading manufacturing company, I have firsthand experience with Human Resources – the good, the bad, and the ugly.  I fell in love with this industry in 2006 and never looked back. It has been challenging at times, but always rewarding.

HR is no longer just the “Personnel Department”, but a major player when it comes to shaping the vision and direction of the company. This site is all abut coming together to share best practices and elevate each other and our respective companies to new heights. We’ll talk, laugh and even vent on occasion, but it will always be a stepping stone to improvement.

So, if you’re looking for the regurgitation of old HR idioms and maintaining the status quo, this is not the place for you.

In this blog, I’ll be exploring ideas and methods to help us all become the HR managers that the workforce and corporations of today require.  We’ll be exploring any and everything related to HR, but adding our own unique twist and observations.

While we will deal with some of the standard HR issues, such as FMLA, staffing and  performance reviews, we’ll also tackle some of the issues that are relevant today, but were not even a thought twenty years ago.

For example, do you think dear old dad had to comb through the dress code policy to see if Punk haircuts are specifically mentioned?

How about having to explain to George in QA that his three lip piercings are a bit of a distraction for his coworkers.

Sound familiar?

These are some of the lovely issues HR Managers deal with, which were unheard of twenty years ago.

With the boomers headed for retirement, the face of the workforce looks very different. Instead of the employee who never asked for anything other than a paycheck and fiercely defended the company, we now have professionals who demand concessions which provide a better work/life balance.

Is it good, bad, or just different?

We’ll explore these questions in future posts.

One of the biggest issues affecting the workforce is the global recession. This event may have done the most to drastically alter the employment scene. Our employees are fearful of layoffs, benefit reductions, and even the stability of the company.

Are we equipped to deal with the anxiety of 500+ employees?

HR is such a vast umbrella. There is almost no limit to what you can encounter in this role. However, there is also room to expand greatly your professional skills, making you an extremely marketable person. We deal with everything including project management, mediation, budget analysis, counselling……need I go on?

To be successful stewards of the company, we have to educate ourselves and evolve with the workforce, or we will essentially become obsolete. We should know how that feels. I’m sure we all have seen the employee who is stuck in “how we used to do it”, unable to adapt to any hint of change. So much so, that they become redundant and lose their value as a member of the team.

Don’t let that be you.

If you would like to have more information on HR and people management, please get in touch with me through my Contact Page

I hope you enjoy your stay @ Young HR Manager.com

Chime in.

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What do you see as the major difference between the HR of today and say…20 years ago?

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    here i love to post my doubts in front of you people
    what you guys suggest to retain a experienced dis satisfied technically professionals.
    and how far labour and employment laws are impotent for a new era of HR Professionals

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    What are the qualities one should be needed to become hr manager?

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    @Remya S Nair, Hi Remya….Thanks for the feedback….I would look forward for more reviews from your end.



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    How do u do? Thanks for accepting me as part of your team. Am an HRM Student in one of the Private Universities in my country. Am in level 300 and i aspire to become a competent and and effective HR manager soon, but the meaning of some HR terms borders me and i’ll be grateful if you can help me out with simple answers.
    1. What is HR
    2. What is HRM
    3. Functions of HRM
    4. Functions of HR
    5. Roles of HR Manager
    6. HR Planning, HR Strategy, HR Procedure, HR Policies and the difference b/n training and development.
    They are quite lengthy but i hope you will help me out through my mail.Thanks and hope to hear from u soon. Bye. Sari writes !!1

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    I have planned to do project in HR practices. So, Anyone help me. I wanna follwing details as soon as possible.

    1. List of HR outsourcing companies in Bangalore and Chennai.(Not only the Reruitment)

    2. The main reason for Outsourcing?

    3. Mainly which works (apart from recruitment consultants) are outsourcing?

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    I am a retired HR Executive starting my career in previously Personnel dept. All through my service HR was handling routin work of statutory compliance, court cases, union negotiations etc.

    Although I retired I have a keen flair & interest to know what is happening in my profession which I missed to experience. After seeing your mail, it is necessary for every HR manager to innovate some in HR or atleast to know the day to day developments in HR to practice.

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    Sir please help me,
    Right now I am working in real estate company as a customer care executive, but I am not satisfied with my current job,
    What to do sir
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    Hi Nisha,

    One of the best ways to improve english speaking is to start thinking in English…for eg what ever you think about your friends, family colleagues…just whatever thoughts that come in your mind….think them in English…..that will help you to improve your speaking…..try it out and let me know whether it has benefited u or not…..try and get into some consulting firm where u can get exposure to atleast hiring……..your CC expereince will take u nowhere and will not benefit your career growth as well.


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    I would like you to help me to get answer to this Vital Question.
    Are people organization’s most valuable assets? Why do you think that technology is gradually taking over the role of the Human Resource Manager?

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    Hello sir. am shalini from a Engineering background joined as a HR in one of the company.since am a fresher can you plz tell some thing about these,with simple answers.
    1. What is HR
    2. What is HRM
    3. Functions of HRM
    4. Functions of HR
    5. Roles of HR Manager
    6. HR Planning, HR Strategy, HR Procedure, HR Policies and the difference b/n training and development.
    They are quite lengthy but i hope you will help me out through my mail.Thanks and hope to hear from u soon. Bye. Sari writes !!1

  • Amit Bhagria says:

    Hi Shalini,

    Congratulations on becoming a part of this vibrant HR fraternity. Coming to your questions…i would not like to answer it in bookish terms…my answers will be purely basis on what i feel on the subject.

    1) HR is someone who help building people and systems in line the overall org objectives
    2) HRM is optimal usage of available resources
    3) Many comprising of recruitments, training and development, empl engagement, org development, succcession planing, career management, etc etc more can be found on this link https://www.younghrmanager.com/roles-and-functions-of-the-human-resource-department
    4) for rest check out the link below and follow my blog for updates.



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