Are People Not Taking You Seriously?


Do you lack in creating a LONG lasting impression on your friends and colleagues? 

When you talk to someone, do they feel BORED and lose eye contact with you?

Are people not NOTICING you when you go to any party or seminar?

Do people take you for GRANTED?

Are people not treating you with RESPECT?

If your answer was YES to all or some of the questions above…

Do you know the reason WHY is this happening with you?

Because YOU have built YOUR IMAGE that ways.


As individuals, we often struggle to get answers to some of these questions. Nowadays, many people complain that they are not taken seriously by others. Today, companies are look out for people who can create a long lasting impression on their employees.


“We have a guy in our office who wants to be a prince so badly he’s spent his whole life kissing frogs and a few other things”. – Gene Perret 


I asked my friend, Swati Marhia, Founder and Chief Image Consultant at Persona Redefined, to help my blog readers find solution to this growing problem and she readily agreed and shared her experience with us.


Are You Ready To Learn the 5 Ways To Present Yourself in a Better Way?




Great, then read on…


Just the other day, I met this person who came to me with a problem.


He said, “People don’t take me seriously. Right from my colleagues, my wife and my children to my friends, no one care to take me seriously. Swati, can you help me please?


What could be the possible reason?


I saw him from head to toe. He was the team leader in a BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) company. When I met him, he was coming back from work and I looked at his attire.


He was wearing jeans and a half sleeves shirt.  The color of his shirt was dull green which was not going too well with his jeans. He was wearing glasses with a thick black frame. He was staring at me as if I was the first woman he has seen in his entire life. While talking to me, I noticed his tone and body language. His voice was very low and he was looking confused. His shoulders were drooping and he barely used any hand movements or gestures while conversing. 


I hope you can get a fair idea of the personality of him, given the fact he was coming back from work, would you like to talk to him? As he was my client, rather than being judgmental, I genuinely wanted to help him. 


“Every man builds his world in his own image. He has the power to choose, but no power to escape the necessity of choice”. – Ayn Rand


This is a very common issue. Knowingly or unknowingly, people project themselves in such a manner that they become “Turn offs” for others. They scrutinize all the possible reasons for it. They attend all those “How to Become…” seminars related to , personality development, leadership and management. They undergo trainings, visit counselors and what not.


But does it help….?


May be may be not….


I would like to throw some light here and make you understand that how people perceive and form judgments about us. 50% of time it depends on our attire, 30% on our body language, 10% on the way we look at others (eye contact) , 10% on our tone, voice and the way we present ourselves overall.


Your image is your visual profile. On the first go, people judge you on the way you look and behave. So if they don’t take you seriously, that means somehow you are making them not to take you seriously. Remember, the weapon is in your hand. You can actually make others perceive the way you want them to.


So what are you supposed to do in these kinds of situations?


Here are my 5 tips which will help you present yourself in a better way in front of others:


1. Understand Your Role:

You need to keep in mind the role that you are playing in your professional life. So, if you are a Team Leader or a Manager, make sure you dress properly to work. You would like to become a Role Model for your team members.

My advice is to try and always wear full sleeves shirt if you are in a leadership role.

Half sleeves shirt….?

A big NO NO when you are handling a team.

If your are the Big Boss then you can even wear a tie over your shirt or even a nice formal blazer at work will look amazing. That will give an authoritative look and slowly people’s perception of you would change. Never wear jeans at work (if its not declared or if you call have a policy of “Casual Fridays”).

Jeans is one of the most casual attire. Make sure that you keep your body language and your way of talking correct. Extremely low and polite tone all the time also tends to make people take us for granted.

“I tried dressing for success once. It clashed with the rest of my life.”

2. What’s the Occasion and Time:

It’s easy to spot the boss at the company picnic. He’s the one wearing Bermuda shorts and a tie.

Always dress up according to the occasion and time. If you are going to a team dinner then wearing a jeans and a full sleeves shirt can be acceptable. If you are going for an official lunch with your boss then you need to be formally dressed.

3. Be Yourself:

Its very important that while following the right way of dressing up, you don’t lose your own personal style and touch.

Your personal style describes the way You Are

So if you are a person who is very reserved and shy, then I am pretty sure that a bright red will not be suit your persona. I don’t mean that you CAN NEVER wear bright red. But I mean that if you do wear that color then people will perceive you as an outgoing personality which you are not. So colors also play a very vital part in creating an impression in front of others.

4. Analyze Your Body Language:

You need to pay attention to your body language when you meet someone.

Drooping shoulders show that either you are bored or you are low in confidence. Straight and erect posture shows that you are alert. Good eye contact shows that you are interested in listening or talking to the other person. A parallel handshake shows that you are confident.  A right body language can get you respect from others.


5. Take Advice from Experts:

Lastly if you feel that your knowledge about presenting yourself the way you want is not sufficient enough then you can surely take an expert advice. An Image Consultant is an expert who can help you project your image exactly the way how you want people to perceive you as keeping in mind your own personal style. There are four A’s involved in projecting your image:

  1. Appropriate
  2. Authentic
  3. Attractive and
  4. Affordable

An Image Consultant will guide you as to how you can follow these 4 A’s and make a positive and stronger first impression.

So let us know if you are struggling in your life and if we can help you create a difference for you. Share your story and let us hear your experience.