Do You Require Life Skills For Personal and Professional Life?

The October 23rd HR carnival is being hosted by our first time host Ciprian Bortos at the eSkill Blog! Now, Ciprian doesn’t have a specific theme, but he was looking for posts that were specific to HR professionals, and not candidates.

As I was not able to make up my mind on a relevant post for the upcoming carnival so I thought let me not share anything this time. Had I not got an opportunity to attend this two day workshop on “Managerial Effectiveness” by Yadhav Mehra, I would have certainly disappointed you for sure. But all thanks to him for throwing an interesting concept which I am happy to share with you today. In the wee hours as I am getting ready for the second day, I am thankful to him for making my first day a memorable one for me. 

Yadhav introduced a very nice concept of “Life Skills” which formed the basis of our workshop for the next 2 days.

What are Life Skills?

Life Skills are those skills which are useful and highly recommended in both your personal as well as professional life. You ought to use them effectively to succeed in both spheres of your life.


Do you NEED “Leadership skills” for running your family?


Yes absolutely. You need a good leader in the house to run a HAPPY family. Your wife, your children they look up to you for directions. For them, you are the supreme commander in chief who will bail them out from any situation, protect and guide them from time to time. A good leader in the house will have good delegation, planning, confronting and influencing skills. A good leader of the house will use all the tactics to manage his or her family. He will not be scared of taking firm decisions as he understands that eventually his ultimate objective lies in the betterment of his family. They love their families, care for them and think for their well-being.


Is this not in line the Leadership skills that we require in our Corporate Life?


If you Agree with me, Read On…


Do you require “Team Building Skills” to motivate your neighbours and community?




Do you need “Interviewing skills” while you plan to marry, re-marry? Do you require interviewing skills when you plan to hire your driver, your maid servant?


Yes. 100%


Do you need “Conflict Management Skills” for resolving issues with your better half or family?


You better don’t doubt me on this :)


Do you require “Time Management Skills” in Life?


For sure


Do you need “Prioritization Skills” for effective management?




Do you require “skills on effectively managing your boss”?


100% No questions about it.


Do you need skills on “Personal Branding” so that your children aspire and look up to you?




Do you require “communication skills” to make your point clear to your family people?




One of the important points that Yadhav shared was that even if we know that all these skills are required for running both personal as well as professional life, they are never taught in any business school. These schools never teach us how to mentor or coach your child. They don’t teach you how to manage your partner. They never teach you the practicalities or the ground realities which will help you become an effective manager.


Are these skills only restricted to one’s professional life?


Do you require them only at office?


If you attend a workshop on any of these skills, will you not use them while handling a similar situation at home or within your family?


Are you a different person at office and home?


The answers to all the above questions will be a big NO.


To cut the long story short and that I need to get ready for the second day of the workshop, I will leave you with a thought.


Do you think these Life Skills are IMPORTANT in our Life?


My take:


I think YES. They are required. They are required for you to learn to say NO. They are required when you would like to speak to a stranger. These skills are essential for happiness and prosperity. You want your life to be peaceful and rich. Rich in terms of both money and happiness. These skills help you grow in your career and your personal life. The way you manage your personal life reflects on your professional life.


What’s your take on this? Even if you disagree, I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments section below.

  • Sylvera Amedzro says:

    This is a wonderful revelation. Even though I have never really planned to bring the corporate skills home, I indirectly use those same skills for running my family. The same way I manage my boss at work, make sure his work-life is very organized, I am able to manage my husband’s life at home. The same way I try to be efficient and effective at work, managing scarce resources, the same way I am able to manage my home. I meed a lot of customers on a daily basis and I try to make their day beautiful and make myself dependable for them, the same way my kids can depend on me to handle issues that concerns them.

    Indeed, it is no different at all, even though we do not train to run a home, the corporate skills we acquire give us an all-round ability to manage our lives and that of our family.

  • Hi Sylvera,

    We all utilize skills acquired at work place in managing our homes. Its just that we sometimes doesnt realise the fact. Its always good to apply the new things that we learn in life. Be it in personal or professional life.



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