I’m Loving it – What makes me STICK with you till now?


  • Do you feel energised while going to work everyday? 
  • Does your current organization provides ample opportunities for you to learn and grow? 
  • Does your organization supports in maintaining a healthy work life balance?

Was your answer to any of the above questions a YES!!!

Then Read on….

Everyone of us likes to work in an organization which provides room for self development and professional growth.

People with high motivation PERFORM better.

Employees who are “engaged” and enabled” are more likely to OUTPERFORM.

For companies to ensure that their employees are empowered as well as motivated, it’s vital to have a “supportive leadership” with an effective employee “feedback” process coupled with a rewarding “performance management system“.

Hence, this brings up an interesting topic to explore as to what all things an employee expects from its employer?

Is it only salary?

Is it only growth or a mix of BOTH.

Let’s dig in further and know from each other…

Today in this post, I would like to know what motivates us to work in our current organization? What are the good things that we like about our current employer? Does it provide ample opportunities for us to perform? Are your concerns addressed appropriately? 

To start off, let me share few things that I like about my organization and the reason why I am still STICKing to it.

I joined my current company (SRF) in November 2008 and after spending more than 5 years with the organization, I still feel that the journey has just started and there so much to do and accomplish.

I  am actively involved in many employee engagement initiatives. I am part of the company’s core HR group and have been driving various HR projects at business level. There are around 45-50 HR professionals in the company which are working in plant and corporate HR roles. My complete profile snapshot can be viewed at my LinkedIn page here.

I was part of the team that implemented HRIS (Human Resource Information System) in the company in 2009. I was part of the team which revamped the employee rewards and recognition program in 2013. I was part of the business HR team which helped in establishing HR systems and processes in our 2 new overseas unit at Thailand and South Africa.

My objective of sharing my accomplishments should not be viewed as bragging but the point I want to make here is that I was able to contribute because my organization gave me opportunities to explore my capabilities.

Listed below are few of the qualities that I feel proud of my current organization:

  • Respect for every individual and freedom to share their views and perceptions.

  • Very good people policies and employee engagement activities.

  • Easy access and free interaction with senior management.

  • Flexible working environment.

  • Cooperative and understanding seniors and colleagues.

  • Provides great learning and development avenues.

  • Provides ample growth and career opportunities.

  • Have a very good rewards and recognition system. One of the well established is the Long Service Award function where the organization recognizes and appreciates the association of people from 5 years to 30 years with the company.

  • Developing villages and educating children as part of the corporate social responsibility initiatives.

  • TQM (Total Quality Management) Orientation of people which helps in creating customer delight.

Let me hear from you on what you think about your current company. What are the motivating factors for you? I would encourage you to share your company name but if you do not wish to share, its ok with us. 

It would be really nice if we can have the comments in the following structure:

Name of the current company: _____________ (if you wish to share)

Since how long you are been associated with your current organization: __________

Reasons for your association: _______________

I am eagerly waiting to hear from you.

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  • Jyoti Anand says:

    Dear Amit,

    I really liked what you shared on your website. you actually have peeped deep in the current scenario and many other issues which makes me follow your blog each and every time. Keep it up :)

    I have been working with my organisation since 2009. I am working in a School in NY.

    The reasons which makes me stick to it are:

    * Effective Time Management
    * Healthy Teamwork
    * Cordial Relationship of the Management with the Staff



  • Amit Bhagria says:

    Thanks Jyoti for the encouraging feedback for my blog and sharing your reasons with the HR community. I appreciate.

  • Helena Jackson says:

    Hey Amy,

    Thanks for keeping me posted on the HR field, I have been interested in your emails, even when my mail is full as it sometimes does, I never delete your mail, I always put them aside and ensure that i read and understand contents, coming from a small but hectic company, your emails have been very very
    helpful. I think the your efforts are appreciated as it will assist us by getting views from a wide range of audience. Coming to your Question:
    I am working with Technosoft in Canada. I have been working with them for the past 3.5 years. Few things I like about them are:-
    a) Transparent policies and procedures
    b) Work from home for new moms
    c) Leave strcutures


  • Amit Bhagria says:

    Great Helena and thanks for posting

  • Girish R says:

    I loved to work in my organisation as my organisation has sponsored me for sugar technology course from VSI pune for two and a half years regular course with salary and one year MBA regular from TASMAC, Pune with full salary and fees.
    Moreover I am getting challenging opportunities in the organisation and I wish to work in the same organisation till the last breathe of my life and take it to newer heights of glory.

  • Dolan Jack says:

    Hi Amit,
    Normally HR folks ask “reason for leaving” rather “reason for associating”. Good thought to ponder from HR fraternity itself.

    I am with the organisation for the last 5 years.

    The reasons for sticking is:

    1. Respecting views and authority given/taken
    2. Confidence and believing on me
    3. Challenges that we have
    4. Timely appreciation


  • Amit Bhagria says:

    Hi Jack,

    I recently tweeted an amazing statement that aptly describes the essence of your comment

    “Don’t try to be different. Just be good, Nowadays to be good is different enough.”


    Let’s try to see goodness in whatever we do…

  • Jyoti Anand says:

    Hey Girish,
    Can you refer me to your employer? lol

  • Gordon says:

    Thanks Amit for such a wonderful statement. Actually I also always like to see the positive side of things. Nothing is perfect in this world, but it depends on the one’s perception whether he sees the glass half empty or half filled.


  • Salleh Samsuddin says:

    Dear Amit,

    I have been reading your mails ever since but have not been actively participating. I am currently recuperating from a stroke (since Feb 2014). I am now semi paralysed on my right side (which is my strong side). Even writing this mail takes quite a while since i am using my left hand to type a letter at time.

    I am now writing to thank you for sharing your thoughts and knowledge on HR. This has kept me going and still interested in HR.

    I will participate once i am a bit better.

    Really appreciate what you have done and I salute you Bro.

  • Amit Bhagria says:

    Dear Salleh,

    I am so much overwhelmed by your response that I dont know what to write. I can very well relate to your pain as one of my family members is undergoing a similar situation. I salute your efforts in replying back to me.

    I pray for your speedy recovery and would definitely like to hear from you soon.

    Please rest and take proper care. God Bless you



  • Claire Simpson says:

    Good morning Amit,

    Thank you for your continued provision of the HR information and help to make me a better HR officer/manager. Well the truth is I am working with a very difficult organization which doesn’t value employees but looks at cost cutting and terminations as the only way to go.

    There is no motivation, ,job security and employee growth in this organization as there is fear for termination.

    Employees live in fear and therefore their performance is not good as even when their salaries are increased which is hard and rare,the employees still don’t perform as they are supposed to.There is no decision making opportunity as its too centralized to the very top manager. Work stress is too much that there is a very high turn-over.

    Best regards


  • Leena says:

    Here I am not talking about why I am sticking to my current organization till now rather I would like to point out one thing from your discussion.
    If a staff stay with the same org for long years as you mentioned like 5 – 30 years does it means they are happy from all corner and stick here? or there might be some other reasons also? Recently I heard some comments that if a staff is in same org for long years without any question then probably there should be something which makes them happy and its suspicious and needs to find out the alternative reason. What you think?

  • Prakash Verma says:

    Hi Amit,
    Good of getting so many tips related to HR. It has increased my inquisitiveness to deal with people in most optimal way. It also makes me experiment the thoughts in my organisation and really speaking it works……

  • Kanchan Aswani says:

    hey!! Amit…

    I have been continously reading your blogs.

    But, would like to have some suggestions from your end.

    I have PGDM in HR from Nagpur. Last year due to some circumstances I had to join a company, they earlier enrolled me for HR profile. But as when time passed they started giving me assignments related to Corel Draw and Marketing.

    I did all the tasks up to mark. My current pay is 9,000/- and since a year they havent increased it. I have finally planned to leave my current job and find a new one.

    The problem which I am facing is that I dont have any kind of experience in HR, and not getting anythng good in Nagpur. Also, my parents arent allowing me to go out of Nagpur in search of better oppourtunuties.

    I am getting frustrated.

    Please suggest me something.

    Thanx & rgrds


  • Amit Bhagria says:

    Hello Kanchan,

    Thanks for following my blog on HR. I appreciate your feedback.

    Sorry to say but I think in smaller towns you have limited scope and opportunities to get into something which is more specialized and focussed. Employers have a tendency to extract maximum out of an employee so they will give tasks which may or may not be related to your function. Something which I can see in your case. I am not against small towns but its due to the sheer nature and environment as there are limited industries and growth avenues.

    Try convincing your parents and ask them if they can allow you to go to either Pune or Mumbai. I can understand their concern on account of the recent things that have happened in the past, but you are the only one who can give them trust and confidence. Try it again!!!

    All the best


  • Sunil Sadar says:

    Dear Amit,
    I am continuing with current company because
    1. The salary which I expected is being given to me.
    2. I was given grand opportunities for my growth which I have encashed and is enjoying my work.
    3.I am able to motivate most of my 1500 employee to achieve company’s objectives, ( through use of professional and spiritual skill) which in turn gives me immense pleasure and peace.
    4. I dare to ask my Superiors (every month) as to how is my performance and in which areas I am required to improve.and I sportingly incorporate the same in my working.SIMILARLY I inform my deputees where they stand on performance scale every quarter.

    S. Sadar.

  • Fostine Opiyo says:

    It is not salary that keep an employee to work for his/her employer. Self development and professional growth is very vital. At least a good employer should take stock of his employees in terms of their professional growth and self development. An employer cannot take stock of what he/she does not support.
    As an employer if you think the salary is all that motivates even if you pay your staff a week before the pay due date then you are wrong. You are just brooding mad workforce.
    Remember “money made man mad” Once the employee is mad he/she will never think again her brain will have reached the point of no return.

    Fostine Opiyo

    HRM- Kenya

  • sakshi says:

    Hi Amit
    thanks for bringing up this important discussion. Some of the reasons for my association with my current company are:

    work from home and flexi working hours
    team support and feedback which helps in overall growth
    open door policy which allows us to approach senior managers for any concerns.

    Looking forward for more knowledge sharing.

    Sakshi Gupta

  • Pierre Muganza says:

    Amit I am everyday online and very interesting to read what all you write. My new organization doesn’t give me ample opportunities to learn and grow. Added for that I am very energised while going to work everyday without a competitive salary and doesn’t maintain health on balance. I have very limited resources and I know if the employer motivates me and the staff we can give more better contribution and bring the firm more competitive advantage.



  • Nasser Mehana says:

    Hey Amit,

    My biggest challenge in HR is to discover candidates personality attributes and define the suitable personality attributes for jobs.

    In the other hand in manage people it is real challenge to be their leader not their manager’ so what is the effective behavior to achieve that.


    Nasser Mehana

  • Orange says:

    Hi Amit,

    I am honoured to be a subscribed member of the Young HR Manager. I do not take the privilege lightly. Its rather heart warming to experience a personal touch to electronic information super highway, where people mostly deal with gadgets. I must say its kind of different at Young HR Manager blog, just because you actually get reply to all e-mails.Talk about people engagement at its best! Wow! Many times its unattended e-mail boxes but still i read them whenever I get time.

    I must say I have for the past year or so immersed myself in the generous HR information provided on the blog.I have found some of them very provoking to the extent of making me not want to read them because they caused me so much “pain” as I had to truly introspect and remedy the shortfalls. For example, this post here talk about “why am I still with my current employer” if the relationship does not get me excited anymore? Eish! It hit me below the belt and because the situation has just gotten so cold. That has caused fire under my feet to take action and take it fast.

    So, despite my less commenting to the blog postings, I do learn and share the blogs insights with friends!

    Thanks Amit! you doing a great job :)

  • Colley says:

    Dear Amit,


    My answer to all your questions above is YES.

    feel energized every day and my organization provides an opportunity to
    grow and learn in fact i am soon enrolling for Leadership Management

    Thank you.


  • Boniface says:

    Hello Amit,

    I am happy to be a subscriber to your rich and inspiring write-ups. You have really helped me with your mails.

    I am now a source of knowledge to the entire staff of our young company and almost a consultant in HR activities.

    I thank you so much. Please keep it up.

    Best Regards.


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