How to Prepare For The Job Hunting Process?

This question is frequently been asked by many people who are looking to pursue a career change. I would say that there is no scientific approach wherein you follow steps from 1-2-3 and bang you have the perfect job in your hands. Job search is like a recipe wherein the ‘desired job’ is the final product while your positioning/uniqueness, process, diligence, firmness, presentation & performance, overall personality and pricing act as vital ingredients for the recipe. You been the chef can only cook or prepare a good recipe if you execute the search skillfully and use the above ingredients appropriately. Let’s check how to effectively use the above ingredients in a savvy job-search so that the odds work in your favor.

job_hunting process

Do a Self Assessment:

Identify the attributes which differentiate you from others. As competition grows day by day, it’s essential for an individual to recognize what makes him unique and what are things he needs to work on. Today’s employer wants to know the capabilities and drawbacks of the aspirant so that he can deduce whether or not to hire him for his organization.

A Solution To A Problem:

Every customer, even you, when going out in the market are looking for solutions to their problems. You would immediately pick on something that satisfies your current requirement. The same principle is applied to Job Hunting. The prospective employers are assessing their needs and then figuring out which applicant will address them best from the others. And the better you match, higher is your chance of getting a call. Also if you can gauge the employer’s needs and then promote your skills against those requirements, your chances of connecting are higher than when you concentrate only on your abilities without the customizing it for the current scenario.

Show Me Your Work:

All said and done on the aspects your resume must portray on the strengths and skills; however nothing is comparable to your actual performance. You must know the art of presentation and how you can prove the employer that you are their Best Man. Show proof of your competencies, deliverables, knowledge and creativity to the prospective employer. Show them a handy proof in terms of a report, newspaper cutting or anything else which clearly demonstrates and depicts your hold on your subject knowledge and ability. You should never leave any opportunity where you can show the employer how you are different and acquires a competitive edge in the market place.

Be Patient:

You must be watchful and focused in your job hunting activity. You efforts must be effective in a way that gives highest return on investment. You should be socially active in building your links and communities online so that you can seek advice, introduce and get information from the contacts. Never ask for a job upfront, rather try to get a colleague to help you in this by sending a recommendation which carries a lot of weight and your chances of getting hired also increases. I can be a helpful resource as I myself got through my current position through a friend in the same organization. It really works as it has a backing and ‘OK tested’ kind of proof from the person who has already built credibility in the organization.

Overall Personality and Body Language:

Companies today are looking to hire smart people. They not only want credentials but also a person with overall good personality. The way you move, talk, approach a prospective employer etc helps in gaining credibility in your selection, so focus on generating a dialogue, sharing experiences and thoughts and responding to the employer query appropriately.

How Much Will I Get Paid?

Compensation is the guideline to where you fit in an organization, how much responsibility/authority you merit. The company has an assigned budget for a particular position and seldom have they gone beyond the limit. In case you prove your self exceptionally good in the interview might force the hiring manager to revisit his budget, however such cases are rare these days. Don’t raise the issue of salary during the interview. Just assure them that if on mutual agreement, you’re a good fit, the financial details can be worked out. And when you talk of salary, frame it in terms of a range, not a single figure. But try to impress upon the employer that you can recoup the expense of bringing you on board through generating business and increasing sales.

Developing trust is very very essential at this point of the job hunt. After a successful connection with a prospective employer, you can develop a trust that can lead to discussions about an employment. Getting to this point requires correct marketing of yourself. And to accomplish this, follow these steps, though putting a distinguishable, unique value proposal is the key to your success. But even after that it takes time for things to click and for employers’ decision to commit to you. So keep up this campaign until you sign the dotted line. I hope that the strategies above will generate better and faster job leads than any other search methods. To your successful job hunt……..cheeers!!!