HR Home Truths Busted – Get To Know The Real HR


I simply love the HR carnivals and always try to contribute whenever possible. So this time when I came to know that the fun loving Dwane from  Dovetail Software blog was going to host it, I knew this would going to be a different one.  He is looking for posts that talk about the truths you have learned in your time in HR. As we all know, it doesn’t take long to learn some really “interesting” things when you work in HR so I fully expect you to send in some pretty awesome posts.


So here is the stuff that I learnt from my and few experiences shared by my friends who are taking various roles in the HR function with renowned brands .


HR Does the Job of a High Profile Postman 

Sometimes cordinating and correspondence with senior management goes to such an extent that one feel as if he is working as a high end postman. When there are a number of people involved in the decision making process, the paper flows from one desk to another gives an impression as if you are merely acting as a postman by correcting and delivering document as per management expectations. 


HR is a Thankless Job 

If you do something good, that was part of your job, but God forbid if you mistakenly did something not so good (not saying bad as then you are going to be screwed) then there will be 100 questions that you will have to answer. Majority of time it is felt that a sense of gratification and appreciation is missing with the HR function. It is considered as part of the role and responsibility and any efforts made in making one feel comfortable or cared is automatically taken as part of duty.


People sometimes Fear to Approach HR 

Sometimes people fear to approach HR. They feel that their concerns might not be addressed appropriately. They also fear that there can be a possibility of shooting of several questions which they may or may not be able to answer. 


HR has NO say in Decisions pertaining to Business 

It is considered that HR knows less about the business and hance they might not be able to add value in decisions pertaining to business operations. They are not made part while the strategies are devised but they are rather enrolled at the time of implementation.


HR cannot become a CEO 

Most of the senior level management think that HR cannot take up the role of becoming a CEO. They lack the commercial or financial acumen which is a vital ingredient for running a business. 


HR Policies are Not Realistic 

Most of the people think that HR policies are devised in isolation. They don’t take a realistic approach when they are designing or revising people policies. What people don’t understand that every policy that is devised or formulated keeping in mind the benefits for both management and employees. 


Anybody can do an HR’s job 

Though we advocate the philosophy that all line managers should be HR managers, however people sometimes get overboard and start doing things as per their whims and fancies. Sometimes, they forget the main beneficiary “people” and their decisions are governed by their own perceptions. 


HR is the custodian of company culture and values 

HR department is considered to be the brand ambassador and custodian of company’s values. They have to ensure that there are no deviations from the company policies and rules. Discipline need to be ensured and that people abide by them. The onus of the implementation of the policies in the right letter and spirit lies with the HR.