One Powerful Word Which Will Help You Grow In Your Career

Yes and it is THE Most Powerful word which will Help you GROW in your career. Don’t Believe Me. Read On…..

How often do you say “Thank You“?


Many of you will be thinking “Big Deal” I say this everyday.


Hey listen. I didn’t mean the robotic “thank you” which you give to your sales person after your shopping at Shopper’s Stop.


Or the Thank You to the door boy who just merely opens the door for you at the restaurant.


What I’m talking here is the Honest and Sincere “thank you” which is not merely spoken but is felt from the heart.


Think about it for a moment…..How often do you really feel it when you SAY it?


My guess may be 60% of the times you feel it however, if you still like to learn on how to make it more impactful……don’t go anywhere.


Let me help you in appreciating and utilizing the power of such a wonderful word like “THANK YOU“.


You still with me?..Good :)


I wish everyday is a “Thanksgiving Day


Every person likes to be associated with an organization which promotes a culture of gratitude and recognition. Apart from salary and other benefits, each individual wants that his or her work be appreciated and recognized. One of the simple and yet powerful way of appreciating any individual is just by saying “Thank You”


Imagine a situation where you successfully completed an assignment given by your boss and he doesn’t say anything to you. He never tells you anything even if the work was very good. Next, in a similar situation, after your completion of the assignment he comes to your desk and acknowledges your work and says Thank You.


Does his appreciation mean anything to you? In 90% of the cases it does matter to you. And it will help you to be motivated for your next assignment.


Your “Quality” of saying Thank You can help you build your own brand, persuade your employees to work beyond the call of their duty and in turn will help you grow in your career.


  • Saying Thank You increases your chances of getting helped.
  • Saying Thank You increases your chances of earning respect.
  • Saying Thank You increases your chances of motivating people


I don’t mean here that from tomorrow onwards you start saying thank you to everyone for each and every task they perform. You should learn to say it Right and at the Right Moment. As you are cautious while spending money, similarly you should spend “Thank You” wisely.


I would consider Thank You as a catalyst which increases the rate of the overall Help Process. If you thank someone who helped you, you are likely to increase the chances of other people being helped by the same individual.


Few survey results reveal that saying thank you increases around 80% chances of others being helped against a mere 20% who would help even if they are not thanked. So you can possibly understand the power of such a simple word and how it can transform this entire world.


Would you like to help people again and again, even if they don’t thank or appreciate your gesture? If your answer is YES, then probably you descended straight from Heaven.


How would your sincere “Thank You” transform the organization you work for?

  • It will help your people exhibit behaviour you want them to repeat in future.
  • For building a culture of appreciation and recognition
  • To motivate your people to work hard and perform better
  • It is a non expensive form of showing gratitude towards others


Check out the link for 40 Ways to Say Thank You at Work.


Now coming on the main part, How can Thank You boost my Career growth?

  • By saying Thank you, you are likely to be helped by others and perform better in your job
  • It will enhance your delivery and productivity. Imagine a situation where you wanted to make a presentation to your boss and you took help of someone on doing the animations for it. Those animations helped you to showcase your creativity in a better way and ultimately get recognition and appreciation which will eventually be reflected on your appraisals
  • As you go higher in your career, you will be praised for your humble behaviour. And one of the ways of showing humility, is by saying Thank You
  • It enhances team spirit and motivates your subordinates to perform better. As none of us can work in silos, an individual’s performance is also judged on how well his team has performed.
  • As most of the organizations today promote a culture of team building, you will be considered a team player which will play a significant role in your growth aspirations
  • If you start saying thank you to others, you will see a significant change in your behaviour. You will have more positive and productive thoughts coming in your mind and believe me organizations want their people to be positive thinkers.


So saying thank will make you and others feel Great. Let’s do something today so that we become better people.

As John F. Kennedy once said,

“We must find time to stop and thank the people who make a difference in our lives.”


I would like you to take sometime out and say THANK YOU to people who have helped you in your life.

People who have helped you to create a difference in this world. People who must have inspired you to be what you are today. People who helped you to perform better.


I would like to kick it off by thanking “Evil HR lady“, Suzanne Lucas, the woman behind one of the most successful blogs on Human Resource Management, who is an inspiration for my blog on HR. I started following her blog in 2009 and since then have been a fan of her writings and her take on the HR world.



I am also thankful to Shauna Moerke (better known as HR Minion) who runs the famous HR carnival and every month she sends reminders to us for submitting our best work for the upcoming HR carnival. 


Further, I would also like to thank all my ardent followers, commentors and blog subscribers who share their experiences with me. I am grateful to be a part of this Great HR Community


Amit Bhagria
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Amit Bhagria
Amit Bhagria
Amit Bhagria


  1. Odhiambo says

    Indeed the word “THANK YOU” is very powerful but i am sure majority of us like to be told thank you but not to tell others.What do you think a staff approaches you in your office and request for salary advance.

    As the personnel Manager if you tell him there is no salary advance and the employee must wait for his/her end month cheque. What will be the reactions of this employee? In this case who should say a sincere “THANK YOU” The personnel manager or the employee?.

    Good day Amit

  2. says

    The point I am stressing in this article is to make one feel special if they have done something for you. There are however limitations and you cannot please everyone. One has his own limitations and they are bound to work in certain rules and procedures. I don’t think none of you can be thankful in such a scenario. The employee asked as per his rights. The Personnel Manager declined as per his understanding. Hope I was able to make my point clear here.

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