Professional Resume Writers Are Hunting For Me

Don’t Believe me?

I am Dead serious.

They are planning to Hire a gangster to STOP ME from what I am going to share with you today.

They are After my life.

This revelation will affect their business to the core. May also Force a few to shutdown.

And they gonna never like it.

What’s the Secret?

I advise you to NEVER (in bold and caps) ever go for professionally crafted resume.

But Why?


Professional Resumes are the Biggest Turn offs for Employers

After checking my resume, the hiring manager handed it back to me and said,”If you can bring us someone who fits this description, we’ll pay you a finder’s fee.”

Amusing, but…

Don’t let this happen to you.

You can easily hire a professional resume writer who can design a “state of the art” resume for you. With the changes in layout, color scheme and fancy designs, they claim that this will not only enhance your chances of getting selected but also project a more professional image of yours in the eyes of the potential employer. As a recruiter myself, I doubt as I have always laid more emphasis on content rather than looks.

After all who would like to have a pizza which seems to look “yummy” and tastes “yuck

Why Do People Prefer Professional Resume Writing Services?

People are DESPERATE 

There are 2 kinds of people who tops my list of “DESPERADOs” here:-

1. Students who are out of college and are new to the job searching arena, fell into this trap of getting their resume made professionally. With lesser opportunities in campus, they are desperately looking for career opportunities outside of college. When things are not working for them, they blame their resume for it.   

2. Experienced professionals who are hunting for a new job as they are not liking their current job or are not able to get along well with their bosses’ fall into my second category of Desperados’. They are daily updating their CVs on all the major job portals and when they get a lukewarm response from the consultant it forces them to think, “Does my resume failing to create an impact?”

People think that this can give them an EDGE over others

They give more emphasis on presentation and fail to understand that content is more important. I will never recommend to create an edge at the cost of substance.

People think their profile will STAND OUT from others

You should build on qualifications and knowledge rather than making your resume look like a newly married bride so that it stands out from others.  Be thoughtful and enthusiastic in showcasing the track record of your achievement.

People think that this is more PROFESSIONAL

Building the strength of your candidacy by providing relevant information on your career, which is neither fancy nor packed in a gorgeous document, will definitely prove to be more professional and thought provoking.

I showed up at the HR Manager’s office and the he said,”I’ve read your resume. Is there some reason why you’ve decided not to wear your halo today?”

5 Reasons Why You Should Never Get Resume Written From A Professional Resume Writer

Professiona resume writers

1. These Resumes are the Biggest Turn offs To Employers

Some people may like it, however the point I am making here is for the majority. Most of the employers don’t like gimmicks. They understand something which is simple and to the point. When you project your abilities outside the mainstream, it may raise eyebrows resulting in distracting the potential employer.

2. Nobody Can Present You, Better Than YOU

What you know, can’t be replicated by someone else. You are the master of your own self. What do can present with your own wisdom and intelligence will be far better than an outsider.

3. Do not doubt your skills and achievements

A neat and pleasing structure of resume make it easier to read and follow.  Present your skills and capabilities with appropriate fonts, proper space alignment with a balance and a logical flow. Don’t make it too “design-y”. Organize information in a such a way that it becomes inviting and easy to understand. Value the information and not the interface.

4. Don’t project as if you work for a Design Firm

And if you do, then it will make sense otherwise don’t let others feel that your design is compensating for the core content of the resume. Have your core competencies been displayed at the top like the main listing of skills followed by work experience. Make a connection between what you offer and what the employer wants.

5. Don’t Overdo with Keywords

This is one done overly by the resume writers so that it catches the eye of the recruiter in job portals. I think its a bit detrimental when people have their resumes written for them with lots of keywords in it. Putting all keywords pertaining to your area may project your resume as begging for getting an edge in searches made by the consultants. Don’t do it. This is sheer non sense. 

The recruiter guy at the employment agency said, “I loved your resume. Someday I’d like to meet the person it’s about”. 

Stop Wasting Time and Money on Professional Resume Writers or Services. Use your own skills to create your resume in minutes.

If you don’t listen to me today, you’ll lose your hard earned money tomorrow. 

Did you ever used any of those services? How was your experience with them. Did it REALLY helped you in any way. Share your experiences in the comments section below.

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  • Lenora M. Johnson, CPRW says:

    At this point, I have to disagree with you. I have no idea why you would insinuate to a job hunter that a resume writer is just out to get their money, and not to ever think about using them or the resume. A resume writer’s job is to dig for the appropriate skills match content; that displays a job seeker’s skills to that of the employer’s needs. In order to do this, a resume writer must complete a profile and search and find, and research and analyze the information (from the job seeker and that of the job description) needed to make “YOU” stand out on paper. 99% of the time a job seeker has not done so, do not know how to do so nor just do not want to do so.

    I have not once, provided a resume service and I did not abide by the standards of the resume writing association that certified me. I have never provided a sales pitch when prospects call to get information or schedule an appointment. There is a need to strategically present “YOU” on paper the only person that can tell the resume writer about “YOU” is “YOU”. And that is exactly what should take place.The need for a strategy to be put on paper is there.

    Resumes are here to stay, at least for now; until ALL employers switch to electronic means of locating employees. That means that the resume should not be accepted at all, not even at the interview. The use of the resume will not end anytime soon. Bad advice!

  • kshama says:

    Resume writing is most popular now a days,but this thing hides the original quality of a person.
    As this blog truly shows and hits the main drawbacks of resume writing.Its good to break the myth.

  • Lenora M. Johnson, CPRW says:

    The only myth to be broken is that a resume writer is out hunting him! The article was written to incite reaction and will pose a problem with job seekers who might believe into this concept.

  • santoshi says:

    I think you have brought a valid point Amit…As recruiters we have faced this many a times and we found that the person is totally different from the way the Resume has been written. Experiences have been devastating. Many a times the paper and the reality are far far different. The flip side of this is that Resume writers also only rely on the information provided to them, they do not have any options for check and they try to bring the best of you on paper

  • Umesh says:

    Dear Amit,

    You are spot on when you say that the resume written by the professional resume writer is a big put-off for most of the employers. From my own experience, as a recruiter, one can easily make out the profile which has been “ designed “ by so-called professional resume writers.

    According to me, the job hunter should focus on the content rather than using flowery language aimed at glorifying yourself. Having said this, it should be left to the individual job seeker to take a call on this.


    Wagh UA

  • Amit Bhagria says:

    One of my subscriber (Jacob Share) of the HR Newsletter shared the following link with me this morning to add some funny element. Thought of sharing with you guys :)

    150 More Funniest Resume Mistakes, Bloopers and Blunders Ever http://jobmob.co.il/blog/funniest-resume-mistakes-2/

    Have a great day.


  • Jacqueline says:

    Thank you Amit for sharing this it is an eye opener once a friend advised me to have my resume edited by some professionals some how I did not make any further step to send them my information up to now. with my own written resume i got a good job :)

  • Dr. Ben Walton says:

    Hi Amit,

    Thanks for bringing up such an interesting topic for discussion. I believe that there is no harm in approaching a professional resume writing service, if they can help you in getting an edge over others. After all at end of the day, your CV is the document that speaks for you on your behalf. There are many services out in the market which produce refurbished garbage, but still I feel you can trust a professional resume writer if he/she can understand your need and provide help in designing your resume in a better way



  • linda says:

    Well yeah you are partially true of not getting the resume formatted by any professional resume writer.sometimes they get it so formal and kinda lame that it doesn’t seems to be of that same person applying for a job .CV, in one way or other ,is a representative of the academics as well as of the personality of the candidate who’s applying for the job.But the fact is this is the only thing that speaks at the initial level so it mustn’t be very hazy and irrelevant,and thus has to be professional.

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