Fast And Furious – Role of HR In The Current Global Scenario


Is the HR of today abreast with the Globalised World?

Yesterday, I read the Times Ascent which carried this interesting cover story on HR professionals “HR Slow and Steady

The article talks about whether the HR can CATCH UP with the current dynamic environment or not.

Moreover, even if it is able to set pace with it, is it still heading in the RIGHT direction. Do check out the article.

The article is beautifully crafted by Ninad Karpe who is an author, CEO & MD of Aptech.

Just building on where Ninad left in his article, I thought of throwing some light on the different roles and responsibilities that an HR has to undertake to prove his existence within the organization.

Here are my thoughts ….

What Roles Does an HR Professional need to Play Today?

Apart from his role as a custodian of the HR function, one needs to regularly change “HATS” as per the situation at hand. These skills are not difficult to learn but then everything takes its own time and efforts for imbibing. Let us see what are the different roles that an HR professional plays in this competitive work environment.

HR as a Business Head

The HR professional need to catch up to the pace with which his CEO is running today. He should think like a Business Head and his decisions must be in line the current needs of the business and the changing global environment. He should continuously keep himself updated on the changing trends in the market. He should also have good resources to tap into the growing market intelligence.

HR as a Finance Person

Cost reduction becomes one of the key challenge in this growing competitive environment. An HR professional has to continuously innovate so as to stay competitive and efficient. He is asked to cut costs wherever possible and in his quest to cut cost he is asked not to compromise on the deliverables. Knowledge of the financial aspects does help in understanding the key business metrics.

HR as a Marketing Person

All HR managers should have good selling skills. He should know how to sell his organization to the people whom he wants to recruit. He should know how to brand his company in the external market. HR manager is the brand ambassador of the organization.

HR as a Strategic Planner

Apart from thinking in the present, an HR professional must devise apt strategies for the future. These strategies will help him in setting a road map for his department and for his people. The market is changing drastically and hence to keep pace with it one must know “what” and “when” to change.

HR as Effective Negotiator

An HR must have good negotiation skills. He should be able to crack a deal which is beneficial for his company and people. Negotiations are not restricted only externally but internally many times the HR has to negotiate with the top management and his internal employees for betterment.

HR as a Motivational Guru

He has to continuously ensure that his employees are engaged and motivated. He needs to make sure that the aspirations of the young talent is taken care of. He needs to regularly plan engagement activities for his people. He should ensure that people are rewarded and recognised from time to time.

Apart from the roles I just shared with you, do you think the HR needs to showcase some other skills as well.

Were you in a similar situation in the past where you wore different hats at workplace? Will you like to share your story with us for others to learn?