role of HR Manager


  1. thayumanavan says

    Hi Kaveri

    I do not completely disagree with what you say, most of the times we have to abide by the decisions which the management takes, whehter it favors employees or not. But i am sure that we can make the management to ponder over what the real situation exists, what can be done to favor the employee. Obviously HR has to play an imperative role for the benefit of employees. Its not you are biased to the management when they take wrong decisons, but the same time HR has to play an active role and put 100% effort to achieve the desired results of the employees.

  2. thayumanavan says

    Very good morning Amit

    I do strongly agree with you, their were times, employees hesitate to have stronger relationship with HR. The reason might be maintaining a distance between the workers, in order to avoid their demands. But now a days the role of HR manager is completely changed with what it was before, started understanding that only when their is strong rapport with employees, milestones can be achieved. HR often interacts with workers, finding their weaknesses and converting that into positive energy through effective training. More importantly raising views regarding desicons by the management which are unfavorable to the workers rather blindly abiding.

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