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Job Description of a Karaoke Artiste

I have this inherent habit of daily reading the newspaper and get restless if by any chance I am not able to do it any day. I feel it is one of my best practices so far as it helps me relate to the world, know what is happening in the society and what are the new trends emerging in the market. Further, it also helps me generate fresh and new ideas for my posts on this blog. So without taking much of your time, let me share what I have for you today.

This news article that I read somehow caught my attention as a) it was like a new thing that I got to know and b) How can I relate it to  Human Resource Management (after all we all are HR Managers & we ought to do make connections) . For those of you, who haven’t checked the link here is the brief:

The post talks about professional karaoke jockey who are hired by nightlife establishments (like pubs, discos etc) to motivate the nervous amateurs to sing and keep up the spirit and tempo alive for them. He will even go, meet and encourage people to participate and sing songs for the crowd while they are been played on an instrument.

What was so interesting about it?

Out of the blues, I thought if I am the HR Manager of a famous disco and my boss asks me to hire a professional karaoke jockey, how would his Job Description (JD) look like.  For those of you who are new to this HR society and less familiar with the HR jargons, a JD is a document meant for clearly laying out the roles and responsibilities, reporting, qualifications, key skills and abilities etc for a particular position in any organization. Before starting the hiring process, we should have a proper JD in place so that it helps us to understand what all tasks one need to perform and accomplish.


So here is what I thought can form basis for this position. Do let me know in case I have missed anything :)

 Job Description of a Professional Karaoke Artiste

Designation: Karaoke Artiste

Team/Department: Music Enthusiasts

Reporting to: Owner/Band Manager

Purpose of Role:

  • To motivate and encourage those who hesitate to sing
  • To ensure crowd participation with good people skills
  • To enhance entertainment and foot falls in the establishment

Challenges and complexity of the Job:

  •  Maintain a cool head even if you find bad singers on stage
  • Controlling over enthusiastic singers without hurting their feelings
  • Ensure proper time allotment for each singer so that none feels left out
  • Should be able to quickly set the mood and vibe as per the place
  • To ensure no dull moment is there at any karaoke night
  • Should not feel bad if people mistake you as waiters or bartenders

KRAs – Key Result Areas

  • Should be a great singer (to be evaluated by a professional singer)
  • Must have a fair knowledge of musical notations and techniques (to be evaluated by a professional singer)
  • Must possess a good knowledge of western and Indian songs (to be evaluated on the job)
  • Must be able to guess songs in case a tune is given to him (to be evaluated on the job)
  • Must be popular (this will be judged by the no of footfalls received by the establishment on that particular night)
  • Must be good in handling people grievances (to be checked by no of customer complaints received against him)
  • Should keep the party going (time of closure of every karaoke night)
  • Should be well versed with all the new technological advancements in the music sector (to be evaluated on the basis of new systems been set up)
  • Any degree