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Why I’m Not Getting Promotion In My Job?


How Do I Get A Promotion In My Job?

Getting recognition at your place of employment for a job well done is something every employee wants and hopefully strives for.

Sometimes it may seem that no matter how good your work is, you are always overlooked by your boss at the time of promotions.

Here are a few reasons that may account for why you never get promoted, and tips to help you advance in your professional career.

Why You Don’t Get a Promotion & Ways to Get Promoted…

Why Do I Never Get Promoted? How to Get A Job Promotion

You may not have the skills to do the job.

While you might be doing a great job in your current position, your boss or manager might not be convinced or even know that you have the skills and strengths needed to perform well in a more advanced position.

Sometimes my employees have skills I don’t even know about,” said Michael Thomas, the HR manager of Satellite TV Depot. “I’ve been pleasantly surprised on more than one occasion by an employee who stepped forward and offered to help out in an area I did not know they were interested in or had a background in.”

Show your employer that you can handle the job!

You Don’t Exceed Expectations and Take Initiative.


Why would your boss not be sure that you have the skills to handle the new responsibilities that come along with a job promotion?

Because you haven’t taken enough initiative and proven that you can do more.

Again, you might be performing your current job responsibilities well, but if you really want that promotion you have to convince your supervisors that you can handle more than your current workload.

How do you do this?

You can impress the boss by doing more than what is expected of you and taking initiative with tasks that management might not associate you with or expect you to go for.


You’re Not Professional Enough.


You might be doing a great job with the responsibilities assigned to you, but are you the kind of person that might get into a verbal confrontation in the company break room or drink way too much at the employee Christmas party?

You might not want to hear it, but your boss is judging you on more than just how well you complete your job responsibilities.

If you really want a job promotion, start paying more attention to your etiquette and how you come across on a personal level in the workplace.


You Can’t Handle Constructive Criticism.


One way that you can tell how mature and dedicated an employee is how well they handle criticism.

Part of developing new skills is taking advice and criticism from others with more experience than you.

You’re not going to be perfect at every task the first time you try it, so don’t take it personally when your boss offers you tips on how to do better next time. If you freak out when your boss critiques your work, he or she might doubt that you can handle the added pressures and stress of a job promotion.


You Expect a Promotion.


No boss wants to give a promotion to someone who is making it too obvious that they expect and deserve to be promoted.

While it is a good idea to let the higher ups know you want to contribute more to help the company, you also don’t want to beat your boss over the head with constant reminders of how much you deserve to get a pay increase and promotion.

You might have been with the company longer than other employees, but remember that that alone doesn’t make you a shoe-in for the job.


How to Get a Job Promotion?


Not getting the promotion you have done the hard work to get can be frustrating. While it may make you want to pull your hair out, the best thing you can do is buckle down, work hard, and show (not tell) your boss that you really do deserve the next one.


What is your take on it?