What trends In HR Will Govern 2016?

I am hosting the current HR Carnival and for the theme, thought that came to my mind was on the HR trends that will govern 2016. I got some interesting posts for you today. 

David Richter, on his blog shared the "6 HR Software Trends You’ll See In 2016". He outlines what he has noticed in the HR software industry over the past 12 months and gives some thought as to what he think is likely to happen in the future. 

Stuart Rudner in the recent post shared that there will be clarity in the laws so that managing performance and imposing discipline on employees will not be percieved as "harassment". 

Stephanie Hammerwold in her recent post shared on Ban-the-Box initiatives. This is an issue that is getting more and more attention and was recently addressed by President Obama, so she thinks this is something that needs to be on your radar in the HR world in the upcoming year.

Catching them young, a strategy adopted by companies operating in the IT and tech space to improve their gender diversity appears to be gaining momentum. It's a well-known fact that not many women opt for careers in the science, technology, engineering and math or STEM fields. As a result, gender ratios are highly skewed towards male employees. Several companies are running programmes targeting girls-only schools with an objective to build a future bench strength which is more diverse in nature.

Any more trends that come to your mind, share in the comment section below. I'm waiting to hear your thoughts. 

Amit Bhagria
This Aint Your Daddy’s HR Do I have your attention? Good, because we are in the mist of an HR revolution. It’s either join up, or be left in the dust. What do I mean by this? Well, gone are the days of Human Resources representing the company’s interests solely. The new age HR Manager is an inclusive individual, serving the collective needs of both employer and employee. In the new “collaborative” workplace, an HR Manager wears many more hats than in years past. It can be debated as to whether this is a result of a disgruntled workforce staging a collective mutiny, or the evolution of HR professionals. Either way, the time has come. Join me on the other side. Subscribe to my Newsletter to get updates from the world of Human Resource Management.
Amit Bhagria
Amit Bhagria
Amit Bhagria

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