What To Do When Your HR Manager Doesn’t Support You?

Must have been in this situation, RIGHT?

And I’m pretty sure most of us has struggled with this at some or the other point in their Corporate Life.

When I started my career in business development and not in hard-core HR, we used get into discussions with our own HR manager over policy or procedural matters.

That time we use to feel as if our HR won’t listen to us. He won’t support us.

He comes with his own baggage and old mindset that can’t be changed easily.

One of the lessons that I learnt from such a situation was “how to put your point” in front of your HR Manager.

So, the question is:

What did I do in such a situation?

How did I went to deal with HR people who didn’t support me?

What is the WRONG and the RIGHT way to handle such a situation?

Here is the answer….

Let me tell you the WRONG thing. Something you should never do.


You HR managers always talk about following policies and rules, when you aren’t clear about them yourself. You work only for the management and there is no interest of the employees. You should change your mindset.”

Must have guessed by now, YES, this process didn’t worked because as you start arguing with your HR, you are giving birth to a lot assumptions in his mind.

We were like on a battlefield where none of us will budge. I wasted a lot of time and energy on such arguments which were not required, until I found a more diplomatic way of handling such situations.

The RIGHT way…

When my HR didn’t wanted to support me, I use to tell him….

“In a way you are right, however for my development and in view of the organizational benefit, let me try this new idea before undergoing or making any major cost, so that in future I don’t want to regret of not trying

And this made them think that there must be a genuine concern or his idea can help the organization and other employees as well.

The worst thing in such a scenario is to ARGUE. Rather, stay calm and put across your views or points in front of them. I understand many in HR still come from the old school of thought and they consider their point right every time. However, time is changing and they will soon realise that they need to mend their old ways of dealing with employees.

Acknowledging their point that “you’re right” but you want their support for your “development” and “organizational benefit” so that in future you do not “regret” of trying, will definitely add substance to your discussion.

Patience, perseverance and silence helps in handling “crucial” conversations. I am not saying that the HR is always right. But sometimes getting their support is tough in situations where a lot of people or cost is involved.

So now tell me a time when your HR Manager didn’t supported you.

What did you do? How did you deal with such a situation?

Everyone has their own ways of handling such situations and we may help others by sharing our experiences on this blog.

So, leave a comment now. I’m waiting to hear your story.

  • Vijaykumar Hiremath says:

    Thank you for the link sir. It helps lot to deal with People in a diplomatic manner in crucial situation and conversations.

  • Kelum says:

    Dear Amit,

    I agree with your point.

    I also had this type of experience in my HRM life. I have successes many times to apply that method. Anyway I would like to share my personal experience with you all.

    Most of time we can’t change others attitude. But we can change our approach based on their willingness. This would be success.


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